Hello and welcome to Olinske Photography.  My name is Jennifer Olinske and it was my pleasure to photograph Rejoice's Football team and individual photos.  You may order and purchase photos off this website, and the photos will be shipped directly to your home.  I included a little "Tips" photo below to help you navigate the purchasing process.  When you click on the photo you want to order, you will see the all the options that are available for  purchase .   If you are purchasing for more than one child, you can put photos in your cart from different albums, so don't check out  until you have all the photos you'd like in your cart. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any issues or questions.  My email is olinskephoto@gmail.com.

I love to photograph SENIORS (and families) as well, so if you have a senior, please feel free to look around my website and if you like my style of photography, I would love to be your SENIOR photographer! 

Thank you and have a  blessed day!

Tips to purchasing on website

1 directions for buying off website
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